Grow with us

Dutch Lady Malaysia provides a working environment characterised by fairness, respect and integrity. We are committed to equal opportunities at all levels of our business, both at recruitment stage and through opportunities for development and promotion. Dutch Lady Malaysia is committed to principles of diversity, and our employee profile reflects a broad variety of gender, ethnicity and age, with an executive team comprising of over 50% of female employees.

The Company has based its culture and work ethos in its unique Values programme. Kicking off with the Passion for BLUE Values Programme in 2010, the Values Programme has since evolved into the AAA Programme, which stands for Alignment, Accountability and Action. With this employees are encouraged to adapt their behaviour and thus, achieve better results by working and winning together.

We provide a robust training and development programme for our employees in order to nurture and grow our talents. Programmes in place at Dutch Lady Malaysia include Short Term Assignments, the Future Leaders and the Academic Potential Leadership Series.

In June 2014, the Company received the 2014 Asia HRD Awards for Contribution to organisation. This award is conferred to organisations that have built their successes on innovative systems, processes and practices aimed at overall employee development.

Employee testimonial

Bryan Gan (National Operation Manager, Sales)

"Dutch Lady Malaysia is my first employer since I graduated six years ago and it has been six joyous and challenging years for me but I am very thankful for this experience."

What he enjoys most: "Dutch Lady Malaysia provides me the platform to grow and learn beyond my job scope. I have been exposed to other functions since the day I joined."

Faridah Ambak (R&D Manager)

"I've been with Dutch Lady Malaysia for 12 years now, having joined in April 2003. Dutch Lady Malaysia has helped me to move forward in my career by giving me opportunity to lead a few functions (Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement and Research and Development). I am proud to be a part of Dutch Lady Malaysia's passion and mission to provide Malaysians with good nutrition."

What she enjoys most: "Dutch Lady Malaysia treats its employees well in terms of compensation and benefit. It motivates me to work harder!"

Sutha D/O Marimuthu (Product Developer)

"Having worked at Dutch Lady Malaysia for four years, I am proud and happy to be working here due to the learning opportunities."

What she enjoys most: "By having its own internal sensory tests, employees are the first to taste new recipes. I also like the clean and open environment of the office."

Woon Siong Ker (QSHE Manager)

"Having been in the Company for the past 38 years, I witnessed Dutch Lady Malaysia grow from a one-product company to a company with diversified products. I am very proud to see that the products which were made in the earlier days are still on the shelves. I am very lucky that I have been able to grow with the Company and be a part of all the exciting products evolvement. If you are dynamic, pro-active and have the ability to keep up with fast pace, then Dutch Lady is for you and the Company demands people like you!"

What he enjoys most: "Dutch Lady looks after its people very well and constantly takes steps to ensure their development. So, it is easy for me to devote myself and be loyal to such good company."

Nur Alia Maisarah Ong Abdullah (Receptionist)

"I am so fortunate to be a part of the Dutch Lady Malaysia family. At first, I was a bit doubtful about how people would treat and perceive me [due to my visual impairment]. But here in Dutch Lady Malaysia, there is no me or you, it is always us as one team and one family."

What she enjoys most: "Dutch Lady Malaysia practices equal opportunity. It is a company that is serious in supporting the Government's initiative in hiring the disabled (or Orang Kurang Upaya)."

Geraldine LEE (National Nutritional Manager)

"My journey in Dutch Lady Malaysia for the past seven years are flavoured with many changes and challenges that have brought both our business and employees to greater heights. These results are clearly reflected in both our market leadership position and numerous awards received for our brands and the company."

What she enjoys most: "Dutch Lady Malaysia is a very diversified company that devotes lots of attention in employees development and making opportunities available for different levels of employees. Thus, this is definitely the right place for young graduates who are hungry for knowledge and have a winning attitude."

Radhakrishnan A/L K.P. Bhaskaran (Admin Assistant, Engineering

Radha has retired from the Company. We thank him for his service.

What he enjoys most: "Employees at DLMI are one big family, with strong values that have taken us in the right direction in the industry."